What it Means to be Women in Business

women in business still struggle

There is so much talk in broad strokes about what it means to be women in business – from what we do, to who we are, and how we define and achieve our ambitions. From ‘leaning in’ to rocking the ‘girl boss’ thing; there are a lot of ways we market and turn being a […]

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Former First Lady Launches Women’s Health Campaign

Mrs Laura bush launches brain health initiative

Yesterday a record number of women won Congressional seats; at least 118 women up from the current 107 – the result of women increasingly finding their voice this year (and arguably last year as well). From workplace issues, to family life and healthcare, it’s a pink wave that will no doubt continue right through the […]

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Rock the Vote: Why We Need You Today

Vote this Tuesday

Whether you are one of our US readers or live abroad, it’s hard to miss that, Tuesday, November 6, Election Day, will be a critical moment in deciding how the next couple of years will go politically, socially and economically in the US. There has been so much discord, hate, sadness and unrest; and the […]

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Redressing the Balance: How to Support a Female Entrepreneur Today

supporting female entrepreneurs

To be an entrepreneur is an uphill battle in any case… no matter your idea, your sex or your background. But let’s be honest, it’s pretty demoralizing to be a female entrepreneur trying to build and innovate with little prospect of support. And that’s why we often give up (or don’t even get far enough […]

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We can be heroes: not just for one day

We need more heroes

A few weeks ago we were incredibly lucky to hear New York City’s first female fire fighter, later captain; and now artist, 9/11 museum tour guide and humanitarian, Brenda Berkman, talk about the importance of representation in covering first responders. And it wasn’t just Brenda that gave us reason to pause and consider the stories […]

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International Day of the Girl Child: October 11

UN Day of the Girl News

Today is the United Nation’s International Day of the Girl Child. As mothers of daughters it can be quite overwhelming to both consider their futures, as well as, see how quickly the walls of self-belief can come crumbling down. At first blush there seems to be so many reason to celebrate being a girl, particularly […]

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Spotlight: Why we Love Ellie Goulding

Why we love Ellie Goulding

Where oh where have the dignified gone? It’s a valid question these days with every angry soundbite and vile tweet. It makes those with poise and class stand out all the more. So let’s talk about why we love Ellie Goulding; because why not…we met her! Grace Under Photo Fire Last week we attended the […]

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A Role Model’s Story Can Steer a Life

The Female Lead

Do you have a role model? Can you name a famous female scientist? Engineer? Woman changing the world or your community? Can your daughter, niece, neighbor or friend do the same? When entrepreneur and data science pioneer Edwina Dunn spoke to young women asking them who they looked up to it was hard to get […]

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Today a Volunteer, Tomorrow a Leader

volunteer and leadership

It’s so very important for women to stay in the ‘game‘. Having children, running a household, bringing in income or taking a break; we are masters of multi-tasking and rarely ever do just one thing. We also get few opportunities to lead. Women are just 4.8% of the positions on the Fortune 500 and yet of […]

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